Are you overeating while at home? 5 simple steps to take back control.

April 03, 2020 3 min read

1.Stick to the plan!

Stay on your diet plan. Sounds simple but how can we actually do this practically? First step is to meal prep your food for 3-5 days in advance and don't have any other food but this in your house. Simple, boring but effective. You will be surprised that as long as you can get rid of your hunger with your prepared food you will not have massive hunger and cravings.

So what works if your single but if you have children this can be harder. You always seem to have more stress, less time and you will need to be more fluid in your choices. The easiest way around this is to just make smaller versions of what you eat for them. Most children will always want to eat what you are eating and this will just end up as a win-win. Of course, the easiest way is again to meal prep, stay consistent and if you do end up eating something different make sure you track it and modify your macros and calories to stay on track.

2. I eat because I'm unhappy & I'm unhappy because I eat!

Choose a happy food every day to eat. For myself, this is beautiful, sweet, pure white chocolate. I need, must have at least 4 blocks a night otherwise I'm a sad boy haha. But seriously sometimes I might even have 8 blocks (2 rows). I know you might be thinking that isn't healthy. You can't lose weight eating all that unhealthy sugar. If you know anything about weight loss than you know that's total BS. People hate on Sugar, people hate on fat, people hate on junk food. If I can eat healthily for 80% of my day and only eat 20% junk food. Its a lot better than 100% junk food or unhealthy food. People have a feeling that they need to be all in or nothing. You might have experienced this when you were dieting and you overate or slipped up one day and you just write the whole day off and eat whatever you want. This is this all-in mentality. Trust me I know, I'm an all-in kind of guy but you need balance or you will burn out. Dieting is all about being consistent. So long story short, just eat at least something you are excited about each day.

3. Portion control. Duh!

Okay, I will keep this one short. If you want chips, put them into a small bowl or container and put the chip packet away. Want to eat some nuts? Again small bowl small serves and put the nut pack away. It's just simply to easy to overeat when you don't place a limit on your serving. I personally would track this, but if you hate tracking, make it small.

4. Bored or Hungry? 😅

Keep busy, if you are bored you will end up eating. Plan your day out and get to work. Make a plan for when you are going to eat. Again I hate to say it but have a meal plan. I personally just eat whatever I want every day and I track it. But with that being said I really eat the same thing every day. If you don't feel confident tracking macro's or calories than I would suggest following a calorie-restricted meal plan for weight loss. And for building muscle I would find a meal plan with a moderate to high protein meal plan, to ensure you maximize your muscle gains.


As funny as that commercial is, Protein is great! I would recommend eating around 1.6g of protein per kg of body weight. For example, if you weigh 65kg you would eat around 100g of protein. But protein is extremely satiating and filling. It will make dieting easier because you won't feel the need to eat as much. It also is the building block for almost every cell in your body. More protein also maximizes your chance to build and retain muscle. Which is the long term will increase your muscle mass, assuming you workout. Which in turn will allow you to eat more and diet on more food. It's the reason men can eat more than women on average. We just have more muscle mass. So try to think of creative ways to include and increase your protein intake.

So stay strong & consistent through these crazy times. We wish you all the best. If you have any tips of tricks to tackling dieting while at home leave them below in the comments.

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