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If you need something to spice up your morning or afternoon, we have the perfect snack idea! Rice Paper Rolls can be used to squash together a number of different ingredients and offer the perfect flexible solution to fit in whatever macros you have left in a day! They are easy to prepare and quick to eat on the go, no cutlery needed!


  • 400g Chicken Breast
  • 12 Rice Paper Rolls
  • 400g Carrots
  • 2 Lebanese Cucumbers
  • 1/4 Sugarleaf Cabbage Head
  • Soy Sauce


Step 1 - Fill a deep pot with water and bring it to boiling. 

Step 2 - Cut any fat from the Chicken Breast, and add to the boiling water. Leave to cook for 20 minutes. 

Step 3 - While waiting for the Chicken to Boil, slice the Carrots into thin and short lengths, either quarters or halves depending on the size of the carrot. 

Step 4 - Similarly, slice the Lebanese Cucumbers into halves and then each half into quarters. 

Step 5 - Cut the Sugarleaf Cabbage Head into thin lengths, and then divide further into smaller pieces. 

Step 6 - Once the Chicken has boiled, bring it out of the Pan and slice into thin strips and short lengths. 

Step 7 - Using a large bowl full of warm water, submerge the Rice Paper Roll into the water for 15-30 seconds. 

Step 8 - Lay the Rice Paper Roll on to a plate or board, keeping the circular shape as much as possible. 

Step 9 - Add Chicken, Cabbage, Carrots and Cucumber to one edge of the Rice Paper Roll in a line. 

Step 9 - Roll the edge of the rice paper over the Chicken and Vegetables, tucking in underneath. Roll over and tuck in the excess rice paper on either side. Finally, Roll the remaining rice paper up and lightly press the join to make it stick. 

Step 10 - Repeat the process until all 12 rolls have been prepared. 


Rice Paper Rolls give you a flexible snacking options and are really low on fat! - check the calories:

Protein Carbs Fat Calories

Per Person Serving






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