Aussie Bodies Protein Revival Drink - Coconut Review

July 25, 2019 1 min read


Aussie Bodies Protein Revival Drink - Coconut  Review

What Aussiebodies Say: You’ve just finished another hard-out session at the gym – or on the field, the road or in the pool. You’ve pushed, lifted, run, jumped, pedalled, pumped, sweated and worked. Why would you let all that effort go to waste? Refuel with Protein Revival – packed with a massive 30g protein per serve to support maximum muscle growth, repair and recovery – it’s your best post-workout recovery solution. Just lift. Drink. Repeat.

Price: $4.50 

Stats, Calories, Macros & Rating:

7.9/10 Rating 264 Cals 30.4 Protein 2.9 Fat 28.7 Carbs 0 Fiber

Flavours: Coffee, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, coconut

Pros: Massive amount of protein, extremely low fat, high carbs, smooth, good taste

Cons: expensive protein shake

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