How to meal prep

When stored and prepared correctly chicken can last up to 3-4 days when refrigerated. Most people will meal prep for a week at a time and this will normally result in leaving 2-3 days’ worth of food in the refrigerator while freezing the rest.

Of course this will depend on the type of containers you use, If they are air-tight meal prep containers they will normally add a little more time to the life of your food. If you notice your chicken start to smell or taste a bit funky, this is usually a good indication it is no longer safe to eat.

There are heaps of different ways to meal prep. You first need to decide if you are going to follow a meal plan or if you are just trying to cook healthy and enjoyable meals. Once you have decided this you will be able to start planning your recipes and meals for the week.

A couple of the many ways to meal prep depends on your style, time and taste:

1. Batch cook food for planned out meals, and freeze or refrigerate for later.

2. Bulk bake veggies with seasoning and dividing them up into meals.

3. Pre chopping veggies and meat to allow for quick and fresh cooking.

4. Slow cooking meals individual or in bulk. Great option for time poor people.

5. Batch cooking rice & pasta to make up daily fresh meals.

6. Create prepared frozen fruits and veggies for those healthy shakes in the morning.

No. Most of the time you will meal prep for the week and freeze and refrigerate your meals.

If you would like to have fresher and tastier meals you can batch prepare your food to cook everyday. Make it quick and easy by using prepared chopped and cooked foods. Of course if you wish to do the second option you will need additional time and access to a cooking facility

Simple: Burn more than you eat. Or, to put another way, eat fewer calories than you need each day.

Some simple ways that can be affective.

1. Eat more vegetables but not always fruit. (fruit can have high amounts of calories)

2. Try eat more fiber. (makes you feel fuller)

3. Eat more protein. (Protein has been found to make you feel fuller).

4. Try eat more slowly releasing carbs, like brown rice, oats and rye bread.

5. Eat Slowly (This might surprise you)

6. Drink more water (again helps with boredom and feeling full.)

7. Drink coffee & Tea. (Caffeine has been shown to be an appetite suppressant )

8. Intermittent fasting (reducing the amount of time you are allowed to eat in, makes it easier to not over eat in that time period.)

Normally you can eat meal prepped food for up to a week in the fridge and 2 weeks if kept frozen.

Of course some meals will last longer than others. Anything with fresh leafy greens will normally get funky first (3-5 days) while other foods like pasta normally will taste fine after a week.

The best way to find out is to simply "Do Meal Prep" and if you notice that its taste a little funky you know that is the last day for that type of meal prep. 

For example if you had a chicken recipe yet weird/odd tasting by Friday even though you had it frozen. You know for the next week that you will need 2 longer lasting meals or will need to create 2 fresh meals for the last 2 days of that week.

There are no hard and fast rules around meal prep lasting time but keeping your food insulated in a bag during the day, refrigerated and frozen will expand that life time of your meal prepped goodness. But like most things first hand experience will teach you the fastest.

Yes. Keep food you would like to eat in the next 2-3 days refrigerated and anything longer than that in the freezer. Of course this all depends on the type of food but this is a good general rule of thumb.

Yes, you betcha it does. Even if you only eat out once a day it will end up costing you a lot more than prepared healthy, yummy meals at home. Not to mention that eating out will most likely result in you eating a lot more calories than you need and end up in weight gain.

Basic Math Time: Eating out for lunch normally cost $15-$20 on the low end. Even at $15 x 5 for 5 days it ends up costing you a massive $75 for a week. Add a coffee a day and you end up at over $100 a week, and that only includes lunch. You still need breakfast, dinner and snacks. If you are just meal prepping for yourself you can do ALL your meals for under $100 a week. Plus you get the added benefits of eating healthy and potential weight loss or gain depending on what you are after.


Undeniable Meal Prep Bags. Insulated for 8 hrs. They include air-tights meal prep containers& ice packs. They are a must have for anyone serious about their diet.

weight loss

There are no foods that will directly help you lose fat from your abdominal area (belly). For most people this is the worst area and therefore the area they would like to remove fat from the fastest. Sadly, this isn’t the way the body works. If you wish to lose fat on your belly you will need to reduce the amount of calories that you eat and over time you will lose fat from your body and this will also include your abdomen (belly). Sorry no magic pill here.

Meal prep is one of the surest ways to successful and sustainable weight loss available today. Unlike fad diets and pills meal prep can be consistently done every week in normally under 1-2 hrs for a full week of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even dessert if you are lucky enough.

The main reason why meal prep works so well for weight loss, is it allows you to know exactly what you are eating, while also allowing you to create food that you actually like to eat. Instead of forcing down another horrible bland salad that you moan & whinge about eating every day.

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