Digital Kitchen Scale For Macro Counting

One Sentence Description : Undeniable's digital kitchen scale has an elegant design, precise 0.05oz(1gram) measurements to a capacity of 11 pounds (5 kilograms) and a easy to read LCD display with unit conversion(oz to g) perfect for counting Macros or Calories.

The new Undeniable digital food scale is a true multi-function scale for the kitchen and home. This scale will perfectly compliment anyone looking to achieve the perfect body by counting every Macronutrient or taking a holistic approach by counting calories.
Simple, but precise scale will allow you to easily weigh ingredients and food with precise 0.05oz (001g) Measurements, making following your diet whether bulking or cutting. Whether you just need to measure one tablespoon of peanut butter or weigh out 250g of chicken for a perfectly balanced macro diet, the Undeniable Digital Kitchen Scale will allow you to achieve your desired outcome.

With its elegant, tempered glass finish perfectly complimenting your kitchen accessories, this is a must-have in every kitchen. The Undeniable food scale is made for dieting and features the latest weight sensors along with a raised weighing platform which allows you to use a bowl or container and still be able to see how much your ingredients weighs. Along with the bright blue LCD display, a massive 2 minute activation time and a scale that can weight up to 11pounds (5kilograms) in 0.05oz(1gram) in precise increments. Easy to clean with an elegant design Undeniable's digital kitchen scale will fit perfectly into your kitchen décor and allow you to achieve all your fitness goals.