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Aussie Bodies Low Carb Crunchy - Honey Almond Milk Chocolate Review

July 25, 2019 1 min read


Aussie BodiesLow Carb Crunchy - Honey Almond Milk Chocolate Review

What Aussiebodies Say: Enjoy our delicious Lo Carb Crunch protein bars and boost your daily protein & fibre intake. Our bars are coated in delicious chocolate and contain a blend of protein crisps, nuts and flavour inspirations, to make an indulgent low sugar, low carb sweet cheat.

Price: $2.80

Stats, Calories, Macros & Rating:

6.5/10 Rating 163 cals 14.7 Protein 6.6 Fat 4 Carbs 4.8 Fiber

Aussie Bodies	Low Carb Crunchy - Honey Almond Milk Chocolate

Flavours: Blueberry Almond - Dark Chocolate, Coconut & Lemon - Milk Chocolate, Rocky Road - Milk Chocolate, Cranberry Almond - Dark Chocolate.


Pros: Sweet, good amount of protein, almost 5g of fiber

Cons: the fiber is soluble and will convert into energy, fat is a little high, has sugar alcohol (not really a negative but most count it as one.)

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