Optimum Nutrition Protein Stix - Milk Chocolate Nougat Review

August 14, 2019 1 min read


Optimum NutritionProtein Stix - Milk Chocolate Nougat Review

Optimum Nutrition SayOptimum Nutrition Protein Stix are a high protein, low sugar, sweet snack, that won't leave you feeling guilty despite tasting like a treat you're perhaps shouldn’t be eating.

Price: $3- $3.50

Stats, Calories, Macros & Rating:

5.5/10 Rating 244 Cals 23 Protein 7 Fat 3 Carbs 6 Fiber Video Review

Optimum Nutrition - Protein Stix - Milk Chocolate Nougat Review

Flavours: Dark Chocolate Cherry & Coconut, Milk Chocolate & Nougat, Milk Chocolate Nougat & Caramel, Cookies & Cream

Pros: Good Macros, Not Super Sweet.

Cons: Very Bland flavor.

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